Collin comparison

I have been wanting to do a comparison shot of Collin for awhile. The top picture is of him at 3 weeks old. The lower one is him at 14 weeks old....even though he is much bigger, (and I tried to duplicate the pose), he still doesn't look THAT much bigger...I should have taken off his jeans. His 3 week chicken legs are DEFINITELY not as chickeny now :)

I just took this picture of Collin tonight. Lately, he just wants to talk and talk and talk....he was in the swing for a half hour just talking away in his language....it was so fun!


the HeartTongues said...

so, so cute!! yay for the BYU apparel! :) ...i surely miss that talkin' phase--OH!

Shanna Barnhisel said...

That picture of Collin in the swing is PRICELESS! I love his smile.