It's almost time!

Great news. I just got a call from LDS Hospital (where I will probably have to be induced since apparently all our "coaxing" Superbaby here doesn't seem to be working!) and if all goes well, I’m the first in line to be induced early Thursday morning….. I believe Valynn may just be winning the prize (since I think if I remember right she was the only person to guess August 7th!!...that is, unless I go into the 72 hour labor phase...HA HA HA

Plus, I did find out this hospital lets me drink water and eat a yogurt before I come in... WAHOO! I'm going for my "last supper" tonight, but hopefully in the next day or so I will be a mommy!


The Robinsons said...


Lora said...

Awesome news Alisa! I am way excited for you and wish you the very best with the delivery. Hope all goes well- You never know how long it will take... I was induced each time & was always very slow. The first one took almost 16 hours. We almost made it into the next day. The next 2 just got a little bit quicker, but not much.

Tysha and Jacob said...

I hope all goes well and you will be seeing, holding, and cuddling your superbaby before you know it! I ate anything I wanted right up until we left for the hospital (stored up the energy as I was hoping to go natural) and I downed water as often as possible, right up until pushing. I only threw up once. I was hell-bent on staying hydrated to help me with my natural birth and also to avoid an IV (which I did!) I hope everything goes smoothly for you! Even though you haven't minded being prego, it really is nice the first night you can sleep on your tummy again! Then, if you're like me and your boobs explode in size, you might be sleeping on your side again until engorgement passes. :) You will love every minute of being a brand new mom! I can't wait to see Collin!

Jill said...

I can't wait to hear an update!! I'm sure all of your fans are excited to hear all of the details and see pictures!!

Tysha said...

Second the above comment - I've been checking religiously to see how it all went down!