Summer fun begins!

 So we try to do a fun little activity each day, mostly in the morning, then have down time in the afternoon. One day we had to bring our cousin Grace down to EFY and Adeline was dying to eat, so we stopped right at the Swig by BYU campus. I told the kids if they cooperated they could get a treat. Boys chose a fancy soda and Evelyn a cookie. They thought it was so cool they had a couch in the store.
 Evelyn picks her own clothes. This is intense. First zoo night of the summer season!
 They have a huge bug thing this summer and climbing on these ladybugs is a highlight each time we go.

 Playing at lunch at the park.
 Going to the lunch at the school since the one by us nobody liked the food.
 Free day at This is the Place. SUPER busy but super fun. Boys got shaves.

 Climbing up by the Native American Area.
 Adeline got to break out her jungle play mat this week for tummy time.

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