Random Adeline pictures and This is The Place

 One day it finally felt like spring and Adeline got to wear shorts. Ironically, Evelyn always wants to choose the striped headband for her to wear.

 Evelyn is all ready for kindergarten testing apparently.
 The blow up trampoline at gymnastics. Big hit.
 We went to This is the Place Heritage Park on a week that Liam didn't have kindergarten. Panning for gold was fun.

 We got to go with Krista and Janessa. Evelyn LOVES Janessa so she was so excited!

 beating the rug. Liam said this would be his favorite chore :)
 At "school" Evelyn sat in the back by these big boys. She was so funny talking to them.
Tummy time for Adeline. She is the first kid that is really getting good at not hating it :)

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