More Christmas advent activities

 The advent this year is a little more low key for a variety of reasons. We did go to Gardner Village this past weekend.

 Nobody's name was on the nice or naughty list yet :) Phew!

 Liam's advent request this year was to make gingerbread houses. He made some at school last week and wanted to do more. He ended up making a magic park and candy road.

 Collin's was some kind of candy fest, so yeah, it didn't end up being any kind of house. Mostly he just wants to eat the candy.
 Random fun pictures.

 Overloaded tree. Stimulation galore!
 This is the first year we went up to the German Christmas Market at This is the Place one Saturday afternoon. It was SUPER cold, but I really enjoyed it. Evelyn got tired of being forced to stay in the stroller since there was a lot of people. But they sold Spain licorice there. REGALIZ! It was awesome. We also got some traditional German food and treats.

Ryan made a temple with his Gingerbread House. 

The one that looks like a house is the one that Liam made at school. It's pretty cool. They used milk cartons. GREAT for building houses for future reference.

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