Liam's spring preschool program and Collin spring soccer

 Gave Liam a haircut for his preschool program. He looks old!
 He chose his outfit. I will forever remember Liam at this stage with his randomly awesome socks super pulled up with shorts.
 Collin played goalie recently in a game. He stopped SO many balls. He got distracted near the end by trying to "get in on the action" but he did REALLY well at goalie. I think he enjoyed it.
 I attempted to get action shots.

 My attempts at also trying to make Evelyn's crazy hair be tamed. This lasted for longer than normal. hope arises. Man she looks old too.

 She met her new therapist Destiny and LOVED this toy.
:Liam really enjoys board games, so we got out Fireball Island. He was obsessed for several days playing it. He beat me this time.

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