Quick trip to Idaho

 Evelyn hanging out on the bathroom floor
 Just took a quick scan of Collin's spring kindergarten pictures. Oh I love this growing older boy with short hair :)
 We went up to Idaho for Sadee's Wizard of Oz play, her birthday party, and Ava's gymnastic display. We couldn't get any pictures of the play, and the gymnastics I had to hold Evelyn the whole time, but the party we got a few. Check out Evelyn the security guard with her pink glasses. She wasn't a fan at first.

 I dipped chocolate covered strawberries and those were a HUGE hit.
 It was a red carpet party so it was all fancy fancy.
 Learning to like the glasses a bit more.

 Girl bomb!
 Evelyn didn't sleep great up in Idaho, but Grandpa finally got her to sleep in his arm for awhile.
 This is a super funny picture to me. Evelyn's parachute pants can apparently be a whole outfit. She is Hollywood!
Rainbow baby.

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