Book review Jonah and the Great Big Fish-Booksneeze

Both my kids have always loved the story of Jonah and the big fish, which is why I chose this book. They were already familiar with the story, but this book was a fun read for them. I’m not sure all the pictures fit in with what we believe or what they imagine, but we especially loved the rhyming of the words. The pictures, which is very important for me in a picture book, are especially vivid and fun to look at.
There are some “clever” little animals that my kids pointed out, like the cat with the bandana who is stealing eggs, and the dog who is doing silly things. Overall, this book was fun because of the alliteration and pictures put together. It was fun as a reader because some of the words were in a font that made it look like the words were “whipped” or “splashing and crashing”, that I’m not sure non-readers would notice unless they were reading, but I thought that was fun. The big fish pictures were, of course, a favorite for my kids and they liked seeing all the other things in the big fish’s tummy.

In summary, overall a cute story for littles that like Jonah. 

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