Preschool program, monsters and pumpkins

 Collin had a preschool performance last week. Due to past experiences, I was thinking he would not sing, randomly look around..... no! He sang EVERY song, was totally engaged the whole time, and did AWESOME!
 It was SUCH a proud moment for me. And all the songs and actions were so adorable, especially for someone like me that loves music.
 I took some videos, but they won't post for some reason. I'm already looking forward to the Christmas program in a couple of months. GO COLLIN! Once again SO glad decided not to send him to kindergarten. This preschool is PERFECT for him for this year.
 Ryan's super creative carving job this year was a boat. This doesn't even do it justice. It had flags, an ocean, and a pumpkin lighthouse in our front yard. It got comments from EVERY trick or treater.

 One day we painted silly monsters for an activity. We hung them up all around the house.

 Collin did his as a cyclops.

Hope everyone had a happy halloween!

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