Halloween costumes and the Barnhisel party 2013

 The most hilarious thing happened when I was trying to figure out what to have Liam be for Halloween. I couldn't remember what was in our dress up bin. Suddenly about a couple of weeks ago, Liam said he was going to be a lion and was QUITE intent about it. Ironically, or luckily, we had a Lion costume in it! Where it came from, I have no idea..... but a lion he is. He LOVES lions. He is a "daddy lion cause I have lots of hair".
 And he lets people know "it doesn't have a face, so mommy draws it on me". This is his mean lion face, as opposed to the nice lion face above.
 Darth Vader, This is the cutest picture of me for some reason.
 When I get scared of Darth Vader, Collin takes his mask off and smiles and says "Mom! It's just me!"
 The Lion trying to use the force?
 Auntie Shanna's party is always fun. I went as my standard witch. Ryan went as Scotty from Star Trek.
 Once again, gorgeous weather for the party! Collin REALLY got into the donut eating on a stick contest this year. I think it's the first year he didn't grab the donut. Liam, he got mad.

 What face is this Liam? Just thought this was a cute picture.

We also celebrated Brandon's 11th birthday. Liam was LOVING he got a cake slice all to himself. Ahh...sugaroverload time.

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