Making monster vday boxes and Groundhog Day

 Saw an idea online for Monster valentine boxes. This painting craft actually kept the boys occupied for quite some time. Liam REALLY got into painting and wanted to do it himself.

 Side note. Collin watched Star Wars with his dad for a few nights. Darth Vadar and the lightsaber have new love in our home.
 That same day we got a fun craft from the library for Groundhog Day.

 It came with a cute song you probably can't read to the tune of Fera Jaque....it goes Mr. Groundhog Mr. Groundhog, take a peek take a peek, if you see your shadow the weather will be awful for 6 more weeks 6 more weeks. It was a cute idea that the groundhog could poke up.
 Liam when he is not obsessed with Optimus, is obsessed with drawing.
 Collin's monster is done!

 So is Liam's! Cupid leaves a treat sometime during the day when you aren't looking.
 Oh no, it's optimus again.
 Oh no! The monster lost his eye!

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