Mooler the Mummy and our graveyard

 Based on an idea from my cousin, I'm doing a simplified version of a countdown to Halloween. Introducing, "Mooler the Mummy". Starting October 1st, he "reveals" something fun like a treat, a fun activity to do, etc. It is a HUGE hit with Collin, which I knew it would be. We actually made it a few days ago, and he has been asking a zillion times a day if Mooler has done anything yet. He may reveal things a couple times a day, but I'm not sure yet. Hopefully I won't regret this....
 Mooler's first reveal was to put up Halloween decorations. Ryan went and got lots of stuff from the dollar store for a graveyard in our front little area.

 Collin loved the glow in the dark rats best, can't you tell?
 Our wonderful neighbors have had an ongoing "help me guy" that they have in their front lawn. Going on 4 years now several times a day we have to go over and see him. He says "help me" in a spooky voice..... but no one wants to help that yucky guy. Geesh, he needs a bath. Seriously, this is a HUGE highlight for the boys.
 Grave yard complete.
 At a yard sale this summer I picked up this cool  techno pumpkin. It changes colors and glows in the dark. Big hit. Proud of my yard sale shopping. We will see if all our stuff survives the O'Berry boys.
We are excited for all the other activities planned for October!

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