Collin's first day of preschool

Collin had his first day of preschool this week. For me, I honestly don't care if Collin "learns" one thing, other than just has somewhere to play and interact with other kiddos.
Having the "perfect" first day picture was too hard....so here is Collin in all his glory. The little train backpack/suitcase I found at a yard sale. Collin was SO excited all morning long to go.
All the drive over to Miss Emily's house, I heard "I'm going to preschool Liam....I'm going to preschool." We were both so excited, we got there early. Oops :)
The best part of preschool? It is at the home of my dear friend, "Miss" Emily....she and I have been friends since we were two years old, and WE went to preschool together. I know it will be WONDERFUL for Collin.... and he kept his frog on the log the first day, so, so far so good! Yeah for school!

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