Trax and temple square

This last Saturday, we took Collin on the train (trax) to see Temple Square. I knew the train would be a bit hit, since he is kind of becoming obsessed with trains. Yep, he sure was. He was talking about it all day Saturday, and then when we got on the train... yes, he loved it. He loved to go over the bumps, the beeping noises, and to see the train floor move when it made turns.
He wasn't quite as big of a fan of the lights as I thought he would be, but it was still very fun. I've decided we will have to ride the train again in the daytime.... without quite as many people. It was pretty crowded, but it was a fun time.


Krista said...

Fun! Kambria LOVES Christmas lights this year. Her favorite thing to do is drive around when it's dark and look for lights.

Carl said...

Pretty interesting to examine about to took Collin on the train to see Temple,pictures are just awesome.

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Jenny said...

How fun! I bet he loved every minute!