October trip to Idaho

Our October trip to Idaho was fun. Collin was SO SO SO excited to play with Sadee and Ava and to go to 'packu's house" (grandpa's house). Seriously, the Friday we left, he could not stop saying packu's house, packu's house. While there, we got to give Ava her birthday present. She turned 5! WOW!
Just a cute picture of Ava and Collin.
While there, the girls were begging to take Collin and I to this "huge" park that had like 7 parks...finally during the conference priesthood session we got over there. Sadee posing.
Quite the model isn't she?
Collin, on the other hand, just loved to run around. He is all boy.
They had a little green slide that he loved because he could climb and go down all on his own, plus it was green.
"Mommy! Green slide!"
Of course a cheeser grin.
Then everyone had to roll down the hill. Before I knew it Collin had rushed up the stairs to roll down. Where he learned this? I don't know. It must be ingrained....
He seriously was laughing so hard while rolling down. It was too funny.

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