Collin's first goosegg

So, a week ago, Collin got his first massive goose-egg. I'm sure it will be the first of many. I tried to get some pictures to do it justice, but alas, they don't. He slipped and hit the edge of a chair. I seriously freaked out when I saw just the dent, and even more freaked out when it started blowing up like a balloon.... but a cousin of mine was more "with it" and got ice and he was screaming bloody murder while we held the ice on it, but even the next day it looked okay. I have decided I HAVE GOT to get braver as a mom. Not look at your child's face when he is in pain? That is HORRIBLE.....I'm getting better, I promise.
Yes, this was how Collin felt, and so did his mommy. Luckily, today, close to a week later, you can hardly see it.


Krista said...

:( That was SO sad! I am glad it looked so much better the next day.

Jeffrey said...

HAHA, ohh the loving relationship of mothers to their children. The kid is tough. Give me some tough love. Although it is hard to see a kid get hurt but I smashed my head all the time.