Collin's latest pastime with books

Collin has ALWAYS loved to read books. Lately he is obsessed with holding a book out to you that he wants you to read. And if you don't read the right book, he knows it. He knows which book he is pointing too. It's too funny. He has also discovered his bookshelf. I'm not sure what he enjoys more, reading books or pulling them all off the shelf.
Mom, I LOVE this! Note, that book What are you so Grumpy About? Best little kids book that I love to read. It is funny, and we read it MANY times a day.


Jenny said...

I have a picture of Leslie that looks just like this, only she is pulling cans and food out of the pantry. :) Love those babies! They grow up soooo fast!

Kristalyn said...

Look at that cute grin! All of the books at our house look like that...spread around the room. I guess it's just too tempting having so many not to dump them all out. :) I will have to look for that grumpy book!