Superbaby visits Coloardo

The first weekend in May, our family took a trip out to Colorado for Collin's newest cousin Declan's blessing and also for his Great Grandpa O'Berry's 90th birthday. Finally! Earlier this spring, we FINALLY found a Superbaby onesie, Collin's "old" name while he was in the womb. He looked so cute in it now that he is finally fittin in it.
Collin the official Superbaby.

While there in Colorado, Collin got to go on his first visit to a fire station.
We got to ride in the fire truck, Collin didn't totally love it as you can see.
This is Collin, his daddy and his Great Grandpa O'Berry, I just love this picture. Happy 90th birthday Grandpa O'Berry! He is so nice. And Collin liked looking at him.
Collin giving us the staredown.
Some of the cousins together.
All of Great Grandpa O'Berrys great-grandchildren...minus Declan. What a posterity!
One of the best parts of Colorado was getting to see Miriam and Marcus, a couple of Collin's cousins. They LOVED to play with Collin and he thought it was so fun to have some real entertainment, other than his parents :)
He was SUCH a better traveler this time around, and so it made the trip that much better. Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon!


Jenny said...

I love the picture of Collin with his great grandpa too! How precious.

Crazy Uncle Ryan said...

Yes, he was a MUCH better traveler than he was back at Thanksgiving. Thank goodness!