First BYU game

On Saturday, September 20th, my parents, uncle and husband and I took Collin to his first (hopefully of many) BYU football games. People thought I was insane to do this with a 6 week old, but we were going to "test" the waters, breastfeeding in public and load noises.
This was Collin in the car during first quarter where grandma and I spent most of the quarter feeding him and changing his diaper. Then, hopefully we would make it to our seats before halftime...ha ha
This picture is out of order, but this was driving home from the game. Normally when we drive, he totally falls asleep, but he was awake and SO smiley the whole way. He must have been happy about BYU shutting out Wyoming!
The O'Berry family at the first BYU game...together :)
Collin playing with Grandpa Johnson during the game.
Yes, he even managed to sleep during the game.
Here Collin is "Pondering the game" with my uncle Jeff, a HUGE BYU fan.
One of my favorite pictures of Collin recently.
Yeah, the Cougars won! Thanks for letting us come, Grandma and Grandpa!


the HeartTongues said...

hooray for BYU! :) i'm SO glad you saw us!! and i got to meet Collin finally; yay! :) thanks for letting me feel his super soft arm, hand and leg! hee! :)

kari said...

What a cutie!! He is looking older and much more fun. Seriously the last picture is so cute of that little guy.

Ervie Family said...

Aw, LOVE the pictures of your little BYU fan. He is so cute!!!

Kristalyn said...

WHat a cute cute smile he has! I loved all of those pictures! He is so lucky to have such a fun family. :)

Tysha and Jacob said...

He is "chunkin' up" what a cutie!

Tysha and Jacob said...

ps- I don't think it's crazy at all - we took Sawyer to the public pool at 7 weeks and I was BFing him at the local park at 4 weeks! Fresh air is great for babes - and moms!

jennai said...

OOOOo the baby is so cute and the pictures are awesome thanks

jennai said...

What a cute He is looking older and much more fun