Co-op from April 3rd

Here is what I got last week from the co-op. Again, all for $15.00.

1 package of strawberries
7 bananas
1 package blackberries
8 oranges
7 apples
1 pineapple

5 Roma tomatoes
1 onion
6 yams
4 yellow squash
1 broccoli (and it was BIG)
1 Romaine lettuce head
9 corn on the cob

WAHOO for the co-op! We have been enjoying the food all week!


Krista said...

Where do you go to do this, Alisa? Jami told me she does it in Idaho and I wanted to look into it.

AO said...

Krista, call me and I can tell you... or refer you to my sister-in-law who knows ALL The details. I'll send you her email.... but call me if I forget. I pick it up in South JOrdan or in West Jordan, so RIGHT in your neck of the woods :)